About 3 Guys Games

The idea for 3 Guys Games started in March of 2012.  

Bill, Brian and Steve had just finished up a Friday night game session when Bill proposed the idea of starting their own game company.         

From there the ideas just started to flow.  

The idea for our first board game came from Brian not long after, and then another and another.  Steve and Bill could hardly keep up with what was chewing its way out of Brian’s head.  We had a dozen ideas for games before we even had an official name for our yet to be formed business or any idea on how to get a game made.  Thankfully Bill’s Wife Susanna took care of our first problem and suggested the name, “3 Guys Games”, since there are three of us and we all play games.  (Brilliant!)  

From there another year passed before we made it official and formed our LLC.  Now though we are full steam ahead with our first card game in test play, Security Officer: Dead Man Walking! (Another tip of the hat for Susanna, as she brain stormed the name).  There are two other board games in the works, one being on the lighter side and one more complex.  Both (in our humble opinion) have great themes and will be a lot of fun to play.

3 Guys Games is a Maine based company that believes in creating fun and exciting games for all ages.  

We welcome ideas, comments, and suggestions about this web site and any of our games. Without constructive feedback from gamers like you, 3 Guys Games can’t do its job or do it better.

Thanks for visiting and above all remember, “You’re Not a Man Without Dice In Your Hand”!

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