About the 3 Guys

Brian Rouillard

Brian’s earliest gaming memories are being taught card games in French by his great grandmother and playing Mad Magazine board game with his uncle.  Whether it was hours of chess with his father or RPGs (Role Playing Games) with his friends, he always enjoyed the fellowship that comes with playing games, and it is one of the key ingredients he tries to incorporate into games created by 3 Guys Games.

Steve Mitchell

Steve has been an avid game player since he was a child with the classics such as Monopoly, Life and Yahtzee.  He moved on to more complex games such as Risk and Axis and Allies and got into role playing games after buying his first copy of Dungeons and Dragons Basic Edition (the one in the red box!).  

Steve is also an avid video game player ever since the days of his old Commodore 64 and can now be found playing Star Wars: The Old Republic or World of Warcraft. He is always interested in trying out and playing new games of all types and especially enjoys finding really good but often overlooked games produced by smaller game companies.

Bill Maynard

Bill is the war games aficionado. Ever since his first Risk skirmish, he knew he was hooked. In 7th grade he played his first game of Fortress America at a friend’s sleep over, it was in a word…astounding!   

Looking for his own copy one weekend at Toys R Us, he stumbled across a little a little game called Axis and Allies.  There was no looking back; his interest in all things WWII helped evolve A&A into one of his favorite all-time war game obsessions.  From there games like Conquest of the Empire, Shogun, Buck Rodgers Battle for the 25 Century, and many Risk variants have found their way onto his playing table.

For Bill there is nothing better than little plastic pieces and the thrill of conquest.

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