Security Officer: Dead Man Walking!

You assume the role of a United Galaxy Security Officer exploring an alien planet. 

Soon you realize that, crap!, I am in one of those class B sci-fi flicks where the security guys go down, but don’t come back. Who the heck decides that the captain, doctor and science nerd always get to make it back?!? Anyway, you decide right then and there that you will be the last man standing and come back alive. 

In Security Officer: Dead Man Walking, the card game, you play different cards representing monsters with strength enhancing descriptions and location cards.  Your goal is simple: kill off the other players with blobs, robots, or aliens.  Watch out though since other players will be looking to do the same to you!  Play weapon cards to destroy monsters and save your skin, or play other cards to redirect monsters in any direction but towards you, but hopefully towards other players.

Most of all have fun, pick on each other and make it back without needing a body bag.


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